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Over The Wall

Over The Wall
True Stories of the Master Jailbreakers

First Edition

JP Bean : “I was always interested in the media coverage when high profile criminals escaped from prison – men like John McVicar, the spy George Blake, Ronnie Biggs and Charlie Wilson of the Great Train Robbers and all the rest who followed them.

The public sometimes seem to view these men as outlaws, as folk heroes to be celebrated in books, songs and films, as well as news bulletins. But when one turns up on the doorstep – wielding a big stick, a gun, or, like Frank Mitchell, a large axe, it is a very different matter.

In Over The Wall I brought together the stories behind all the major prison escapes since the Second World War. The week it was published in hardback there was an attempted escape at Whitemoor by IRA prisoners; a year later its publication in paperback coincided with a high profile break-out at Parkhurst by three lifers. The Daily Express said of Over The Wall

‘This book should be required reading for every new Home Secretary, every prison governor and every warder tempted into slackness.’ 

Soon afterwards it was banned from the library of every British prison! “

Published by Headline Books in 1994

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